Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary School

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Robert Louis Stevenson Gate Site Description


Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary

2051 34th Ave

San Francisco, CA 94116


Principal: Dr. Kanani Choy

School Gate Coordinator: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

School Visit Information: Tuesdays 9:00-10:00

Goals of GATE are to ensure authentic learning that goes beyond the classroom to help prepare the citizens of tomorrow through the use of differentiated instruction and curriculum to challenge students. Novel learning opportunities are to equitably engage high achieving and joyful learners.

A school site-based Identification Team will identify third grade students who will be in the GATE program starting in fourth grade. Once students are identified as GATE students they remain in the program through twelfth grade. Students qualify for the GATE program through scoring advanced on the CST for two consecutive years; parent and teacher recommendations; GPA; leadership, creativity, visual and performing arts based upon portfolio review; and special circumstances including economic disadvantage (free/reduced lunch), health impairment, interrupted schooling, special education, physical disability, linguistic barrier, ELL/Language, No pre-k or kinder, or ADD with 504.

At Stevenson Elementary, GATE and High Potential students are clustered within general education classrooms where they receive differentiated instruction and curriculum. GATE students will master the core curriculum while they receive differentiated instruction and curriculum. One way in which teachers differentiate instruction is through implementing the Renzuli Online Learning System, where students can accelerate learning at their own pace. Stevenson also offers several additional programs for students, including an advanced math program for those students who qualify, a teacher mentoring program, and student council, which allows for students to learn about and excel in a variety of leadership skills.

GATE students assigned in groups to all classrooms will be provided with challenging and appropriate opportunities that extend or enhance the core curriculum, such as special projects, independent study and alternate assignments. In the classroom, curriculum and instruction will be differentiated in the content, process and product. Levels of abstraction, complexity and depth will extend beyond what which is provided in the core curriculum. The GATE rubric to assess student success will include standards of excellence.

SST meetings are held for GATE students that are underachieving in their academics. It is through these meetings where areas of concern and strategies to help these students are discussed.


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